Liu Hong Wei

Born in Beijing in 1965, Liu Hong Wei entered the Oil Painting Department of Hebei Teaching University in 1984. He graduated in 1988 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Since 1988, he has been a professor at the Fine Arts Academy of Hebei. China. His artwork“Clouds in the Sky No.2” is selected for The 9th Chinese National Artworks Exhibition” in Shanghai in 1999. In 1993, his artwork “Daydream” is selected for and awarded at the first “Chinese Oil Paintings Biennale” in Beijing.  In 2009, his artwork “Small House in Café” is selected for the 11th National Art Exhibition in Wuhan. “In 2001, his artwork White Feather” is selected for the Chinese Small Oil Paintings Exhibition in Beijing. Liu Hong Wei likes to paint children, and the background of his paintings is architectural scene setting that seemingly real and surreal.  As a child, he loved to observe the play and interaction of his neighbors, and his works were like scenes from plays: some children were playing on a giant kettle, some were shaking a ceiling lamp, some were playing on a fruit bowl, as if it were a playground, some children sleep on the floor in which they feel comfortable.  The surreal depiction enlivens him to put things from different times and spaces together and arrange them in a wonderful and dramatic scene. The sense of stage and the dramatic effect has been elaborately composed. Light and shadow are aptly expressed that they present an indescribable sense of mystery. Liu Hong Wei's brushwork is meticulous, sometimes using fine blades to add oil paint to the canvas to create a textured effect, presenting rich content and texture. The art of Liu Hong Wei is a combination of fantasy and memory. His works reflect the inner world of the artist with acute observations and surreal fantasy.