Anastasiya Parvanova

Born in Bulgaria, in 1990, Anastasiya Parvanova lives and works between Venice and Sofia. After graduating in Visual Arts and Pedagogy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, she continued her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where she attended the painting course directed by Carlo Di Raco, graduating with her MFA in 2022. Since 2016 she has been part of the artistic collectives Malutta Foundation and Tutti la Chiamano la Casa delle Ragazze.

“Painting is a medium that gives me access to a world of infinite possibilities. It is as if it allows me to divide our world into other parallel worlds. And allows me to travel and explore my imagination. 


I often choose to portray non-existent places. Places where events happen latent (existing but not yet developed or manifest; hidden or concealed.) or things that we as humans cannot see, or at most we can perceive in a hypnagogic state, sensing them, imagining them or dreaming of them. They guide us to a world where silence takes over, a meditating silence. A dull silence, similar to the silence of space or of the mountain, the one underneath water. An extensive and strong field of quiet for ours ears, which makes every noise the protagonist, inviting thoughts towards one flowing fluid and echoing.”


  • 2023
    • The Magic Gate, W.H.Y. Gallery, Hong Kong
  • 2022
    • “Extraordinarioworkshop 2022”, Vulcano Agency, Venice, Italy;
    • PAD 12 FI, A plus A, Verona Art Fair, Italy;
    • “Co.So! Artisti per il sociale”, project by ETRARTE, Udine, Italy;
    • “Take care of yourself”, curated by Eva Comuzzi and Orietta Masin, Cervignano, Friuli, Italy;
  • 2021
    • “Extra Ordinario” second edition, Vulcano Agency, Venice, Italy;
    • “G21 : What The F%$K Is Prosperity?” School for Curatorial Studies Venice, Italy; 
    • “Salsiccette Snack”, graphic studio and library Bruno, Venice, Italy;\
    • “Pianeta Fresco” OTTN projects, Parma, Italy;
    • “Unlikely”, Malipiero Palace, Venice, Italy;
  • 2020
    • “Whatever it takes” Galleria A plus A, School for Curatorial Studies Venice, Italy;
    •  “Pesi Massimi” Spazio Punch, Giudecca, Venice, Italy;
  • 2019
    • “ATUTTAMALUTTA” itinerant studio visit, curated by Cescot Veneto, Venice, Italy;
  • 2018
    • “Il Gemello Cattivo” Santa Maria della Scala Museum, Siena, Italy;
    • “La Torre Maluttona - Mercato babelico” Galleria Monitor, Roma, Italy;
    • “IX EDIZIONE” Premio Combat Prize Villa Mimbelli, Livorno, Italy;
  • 2017
    • “Maluttaklaus” designed by Paola Capata and Delfo Durante, curated by Saverio Verini, Borgo di Pereto (AQ), Italy;
    • “Collezione Malutta + Black market” project by Fondazione Malutta, Monitor Gallery, Roma, Italy;
    • “Brišit de bardò bardó/aiai caramba” project by Fondazione Malutta, Spazio Buonasera, Torino, Italy;
    • “Perpendicular” Parallel Vienna Art Fair, Vienna, Austria;