The Surreal and The Real

23 May - 1 August 2022

W.H.Y. Gallery is pleased to present its debut exibition: "The Surreal and the Real", a group exhibition featuring the artworks of George Condo, Liu Hongwei, Tagami Masakatsu, Zhang Gong, Enej Gala and Agnese Guido, on view from May 23, 2022 to August 1, 2022. The exhibition aims to create a visual dialogue of the exhibited pieces by 6 artists. Each piece embodies their own cultural, distinctively captivating surreal and realistic elements. The artworks are storytellers, inviting the viewer to imagine and explore.

In this exhibition, the six artists have created surreal pieces at different stages of their artistic path. The international renowned artist George Condo’s early period has been inspired by Surrealistic master Rene Magritte.  His early pieces reflects the influence of surrealism. Chinese artist Liu Hong Wei has been fascinated by works of Hieronymous Bosch, Pieter Brueghel and Rene Magritte creating scenes and stories that invoke his childhood memory, cultural background and surreal imagination.  Japanese artist Tagami Masakatsu depicts seemingly real and gigantic characters interacting with animal figures in a green outdoor setting. The melancholic elements reflects the artist’s philosophical thoughts on human being and earth.  Zhang Gong’s works are known for the pop and surrealistic elements. He thoughtfully depicts the pictorial with details including symbolic and iconic characters. Enej Gala seeks to stimulate an awareness of our identity and to show some myths related to their existence. Through abstract and surreal manifestation, his works are layered with meanings and invoke the viewer to ponder and imagine.  Agnese Guido has been fascinated by surrealistic art. Her works are whimsical and full of dark humour and reflections, triggering one to think about the themes and issues beyond the pictorial.